Advertising and touring agency "AcademiA" theater was founded in 1989 on the basis of the first self-supporting Kiev Club of the author's song "Contact", widely known in the 70's and 80's for organization of tours and concert performances of popular bards: B. Okudzhava, Y. Kukina , A. Rosenbaum, A. Dolsky, A. Gorodnitsky, V. Dolina, and others.

In the 90's "AcademiA" theater became the leader among tour organizations and impresario - agencies of Kiev in total number of tours and concerts:
III-rd (last) All-Soviet festival of author's song (September 1990); M. Zhvanetsky (HC "Ukraine", 1991-2004); The ballet "Todes" (HC "Ukraine", HC "October", 1998-2004); Tour of the band "Resurrection" (HC "Ukraine", 2002); Creative evening A. Filippenko (2003); Concert for the 30th anniversary of the band "Mashina Vremeni" (HC "Ukraina", 1999); M. Shufutinsky (HC "Ukraine", 1994-2000); Concerts of the authors - performers of "The Song of Our Age" (HC "Ukraine", 2000-2004); O. Mityaev (HC "Ukraine", House of Officers, 1999-2004); A. Rosenbaum (HC "Ukraine", 1989-2000); M. Zadornov (HC "Ukraine", 1994-2004); K. Novikov (HC "Ukraine", 1995-2004); ball of A. Malinin (HC "Ukraine", 1993); Tour to the tenth anniversary of the band "Bravo" and J. Aguzarova (1993); B. Grebenshikov and band "Aquarium" (HC "Ukraine", 1993); Acoustic concert of Y. Shevchuk and concerts of band "DDT" (1995-96); Tour of actors of the Moscow Theater on Taganka (1991); band "Neschastny Sluchai" (1995-2004); The creative evening of M. Tanich and band Lesopoval (HC "Ukraine", 1994); "Turetsky Choir Art Group" (DK "October", 2003); L. Uspenskaya (HC "Ukraine", 1993-1999 years); G. Leps (HC "Ukraine", 2004); the "Tatu " band (2002); R. Kartsev (1999-2000); Tour of the play "Chapaev and Emptiness" (2002) and much more...

In the middle of 1990's, with the growing interest of various companies and organizations for corporate celebrations "AcademiA" Theater opens in its structure an advertising and PR department specializing in developing, organizing and conducting full cycles of projects for the implementation of company anniversaries and organizations, festivals and presentations, "City days" and other public holidays, dealer seminars and press conferences, exhibitions and expositions, ceremonies and TU-programs, etc.

In this connection "AcademiA" theater organizes international festivals of florists "Roxalana" (HC "Ukraine" 1993-1994), 1st and 2nd international Fiestas of balloons, concert of A. Rosenbaum, dedicated to the memory of the victims of Babi Yar (Kiev, Nezalezhnosti Square, 1997), the creative evening of the artist-director B. Krasnov "Dedicated to the native city" (with the participation of: A. Pugacheva, F. Kirkorov, I. Kobzon, L. Gurchenko, A. Maslyakov, T. Gverdtsteli , The Pyatnitsky Choir, the Imperial Ballet G. Taranda, Y. Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists Orchestra, HC "Ukraine" 2000), the organization of concerts - the filming of the TV channel "Inter" - "The Comedy Club" (2003-2004 ) - tours: M. Zhvanetsky, E. Petrosyan, S. Eshchenko, Ponomarenko brothers, Y. Galtsev, B. Vinokur and his theater, N. Bandurin and M. Vashukov, I. Khristenko, V. Khayit, E. Vorobey, the band "Ex-BB", S. Altov, A. Arkanov, E. Shifrin, Y. Arlazorov, K. Avanesyan, M. Galkin, A. Ukupnik, B. Moiseev, A. Buynov, the theater "Liceidae", L. Novozhenov, L. Izmailov, G. Vetrov, V. Vishnevsky, A. Trushkin, I. Irteniev, the comic troupe "Mask-show ", the KVN team: "The county town", "95th quarter", "Va-Bank", "Odessa Gentlemen", etc.

Following companies became clients of "AcademiA": "Ukrgasbank", "Inkombank", "Va-Bank", "Forum" bank, "Fortuna" bank, "Finance and Credit" bank, "Ukrsibbank", "Ukrainian Capital" bank; "Roskomvetranbank" (Moscow), "VDNH" bank (Moscow). Trade marks: "Nemiroff", "Mernaya", "Knyagiy Grad", "Vinodel", "Shustov", "Ford - motors", "Honda - motors", etc.

"AcademiA" has the most effective strategies and techniques in conducting non-standard advertising projects. We use methods of organization of concert tours and other mass events, using the experience and potential of the world show industry in the local conditions of Ukraine. We work "turnkey", i.e. we provide complete service packages. For example, from the development of design and branded forms to the development of a strategy for positioning goods and services of the customer. Employees of the "AcademiA" theater in cooperation with corporate clients offer schemes for the implementation of various projects: creative development of ideas and scenarios; directing; design and decoration; scene, light, sound; artists and performers of all genres; printing and polygraphic works; photo-cinema and audio-video production; interaction with the media, etc.
To more effectively solve the tasks, "AcademiA" uses the production potential of its partners, exclusively represented by us in Ukraine: "KrasnovDesign" (Moscow); "VIP Concert" (Moscow), "MantheyEventConsulting" (Germany), "GaryDonProduction" (New York, USA), etc.

Based on advanced world technologies and our own work experience, we created a unique consulting program fully adapted to the conditions of show business market in Ukraine. Its application allows solving strategic, organizational and other problems that are relevant for today's advertising, touring, media and other markets in Ukraine.
"AcademiA" provides confidential advice to industrial and commercial, public and political structures on the following issues:
- discovering and monitoring of advertising effectiveness;
- testing of promotional products;
- full cycles of concert tours;
- development and complex implementation of advertising and PR campaigns;
- directing of the image;
- positioning of goods and services;
- organization of interaction with the media;
- GR (government relations) - development of strategies for interaction with public authorities and government.

In the structure of the "AcademiA" theater operates producing center, which created and released the following music albums: "Gold coins" by Dmitry Klimashenko (1999); "Children of September" by band "Z.Ru" (2000); "Lullaby" by Sergei Krylov together with the band "Men Sound" (1999); "Recognition" by Olga Kryukova (2002), "Eastern Love" by Natalia Bakai (2003), etc. To all of the above listed albums, we produced and released in the rotation video clips shot by our partner studios: "Palette" by V. Pryduvalov (Kiev), "Salamander" by M. Osadchiy (Moscow), "Adrenaline Broz.", "Filatovich production" (Kiev), etc. Video clip "Children of September" has received a prize for the best musical video of 2001 year.