04 June 2020  19:00 ₴ 250-1550
The October Palace




The Flying Georgian New. World tour

Flight! Storm on the stage! An extravaganza of dancers that fly up in the air with kaleidoscopic geometry and military clarity! "- Georgian artists received many enthusiastic reviews from foreign critics after their concerts. Which, however, is quite justified, because without any exaggeration they defied gravity!

Now the Georgian dance theater Legacy will arrive with its new program “The Flying Georgian New” - to conquer the October Palace again.
Recall that in 2018 they gathered full halls where people applauded while standing and there was an additional concert at the request of the audience.

Through music and dance, the Legacy collective will show the audience the richness of the culture of the Georgian people. The combination of centuries-old traditions, folklore techniques and modern dance techniques, an accelerated pace and a constant change of rhythm, a well-calculated overall dance pattern, a clear separation of soloists and extras according to ballet principles - all this brought the collective deserved fame and wide popularity around the world.
This is the first collective where girls dance fast dances.
You can see it with your own eyes already on June 4 and 5 in Kiev, the October Palace, at 19:00! Hurry up because it really will be incredibly interesting.