13 February 2020  19:00 ₴ 250-1550
The October Palace



For the first time in Ukraine, a unique show is the best opera voices of Ukraine accompanied by an orchestra. "Le figaro Project"

This is a combination of beautiful music, unsurpassed voices, powerful energy of dancers and disturbing tricks from gymnasts. The show involves vocalists, with uniquely powerful voices. Synthesis of acting and choreography, the emotions of each performer are the main components of the team's work. Original, incendiary performances, bright costumes, plastic and grace of professional dancers, will give a joyful festive mood and bring incomparable pleasure.

The team put together classical and modern rhythms, creating a certain genre "cocktail". Hits of classical music and hits of the 20th century sound interesting in the original modern processing. These are the melodies that you know, in which you live, that you love accompanied by an orchestra.

The star guest of the program is Yuri Godo. The performer of the most important parts of musicals and operas of the world. He sang on the stages of the legendary Real Opera (Madrid), Carnegie Hall (New York), in theaters in Paris, Naples, Venice, Munich and many others. By the way, in Spain he was twice recognized as the best tenor, and King Juan Carlos himself rewarded him with a silver royal cup. Performed world hits with the famous Andrea Bochelli.