22 November 2019  19:00 ₴ 350-1050
National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"



Rock Legends symphonic tribute show from Lords of the Sound: QUEEN and AC / DC.

The expression of the rock giants and the depths of the symphonic arrangement will merge in songs that have shocked the whole world. Queen and AC / DC are musical titans who were tearing up scenes around the world, and three generations of hot fans grew up on their music!
And sincere admiration for them made Lords of the Sound create a symphonic tribute show "Rock Legends". Drive and harmony, goosebumps and uncontrolled body vibrations, singing adorable songs - these are all your feelings at a concert on November 22.
QUEEN is one of the most successful bands in the history of rock music. And one of the most extraordinary. At one time they turned the idea of music, became revolutionaries, drove crowds of people to madness, amazed and fell in love with the world with their musical vision. Their music is timeless, it does not age.
In the symphonic arrangement and performed by the band The Beast (soloist Ivan Voron), the imperishable Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, The Show Must Go On, Another One Bites the Dust "," I Want to Break Free "and other songs that have become classics of rock.

AC / DC are the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal, although they themselves have always classified their music as rock and roll, which is based on rhythm and blues, enhanced by the steel sound of guitars, thundering and cracking vocals.
And the official tribute band "Easy Dizzy" (soloists Matteo Giovannone and Andrei Sokolov) accompanied by Lords of the Sound will cope with the difficult repertoire best of all. Be sure, these guys reproduce the atmosphere, charge them with powerful energy and rock'n'roll drive in the spirit of AC / DC!
AC / DC legendary drummer Chris Slade noted their high level after a one-hour concert with Easy Dizzy: “They are deep in material, are virtuosic, full of enthusiasm and easily improvise.” Therefore, get ready for a high-quality separation under Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, TNT, Shoot to Thrill, etc. in the symphonic accompaniment of Lords of the Sound.

Two hours of inflammatory symphonic rock Queen and AC / DC will cover you on November 22 in the Palace of Ukraine at the symphonic tribute show Rock Legends from Lords of the Sound.