13 October 2019  19:00 ₴ 100-300
House of Architects



Compatibility test

Performance by Andrei Kureichik’s play “Man and Eternity”
Genre: endless comedy
Duration 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission
Of all the bright and ironic, we offer you the most light and ironic performance of the city!
Here is an unusual combination of form and content, eternal and endless, very expected and completely unexpected.

Man comes to Eternity, and there he was not expected. Imagine? Him so confident in his talents and virtues!
In an attempt to stay in Eternity, the Man finds himself in the most curious situations where he encounters very ambiguous characters.
So what is the test result for compatibility with Eternity? And how will this incredible story end?

The man is Vladimir Melnik
Eternity number 1 - Veronika Sheludyakova
Eternity number 2 - Kirill Galushka
Produced by Danil Kuznetsov
Nothingness - Natalia Ivanskaya

Directed in white: Zhanna Bogusevich
Scenographer in white: Ekaterina Kolesnichenko
Theater Time-H
Producer - Tatiana Edemskaya