21 December 2018  19:00 ₴ 180-1290
The October Palace



"What the heck"
PREMIER in Kiev!
For the first time on one stage: People's Artist of the USSR Ada Rogovtseva and writer Viktor Shenderovich!

Andrei Sidelnikov, Irina Kara, Anastasia Zinovieva
Dramaturgy - Irina Ioannesyan, Natella Boltyanskaya
Director - Alesya Mankovskaya
Creative producer - Irina Ioannesyan

Duration of the performance: 2 hours, with one intermission.
Age: 18+
Production - Producing company Stage RС (London, Great Britain)
The premiere of the performance took place on May 9, 2018 in London.

Yes, I would sell my soul to ... Even once in our lives each of us said this phrase. To correct mistakes, to realize a dream, in exchange for one's soul or souls of the closest. High price? The answer can be found in the company of the mother, her three adult children and the Devil himself.
We propose to do this at the premiere of the comedy "What the heck" after the play by Irina Ioannesyan and Natella Boltyanskaya. Sparkling dialogues and unexpected turns of the plot.
Look at what responses were received about the play:
"This play is light, sparkling, akin to a glass of good champagne. From every scene, every dialogue, you get a huge pleasure and a long aftertaste. The first joint work of Irina Ioannesyan and Natella Boltyanskaya, witty, ironic, she is simply doomed to success. "
Alexei Motrov, author of bestsellers about Medbart Parovozov, winner of the NOS Award

"The play deserves attention unconditionally. The role of the line is frankly good, I would gladly have played it myself. As for the topic, I am sure that any viewer will receive it with interest, because in each of us there is a need to correct mistakes of the past, and many are ready to sell the soul in order to fulfill cherished desires. A lot of temptations are enough. "
Igor Ugolnikov
Actor, director, producer