19 October 2018  19:00 ₴ 290-3590
International Center for Culture and Arts "October"



Mikhail Zhvanetsky. Author's evening
Mikhail Zhvanetsky. Author's evening
Brilliant and inimitable Odessa, a real virtuoso of the word Mikhail Zhvanetsky comes to Kiev with the author's evening, which will be held October 19, 2018 in the hall of the ILC and the October Palace at 19:00.

Zhvanetsky is a genius! In the texts of the Master each thought, framed in a sentence, gives rise to a masterpiece!

"It's difficult to enter the story, but it's easy to get in".

"Wisdom does not always come with age. It happens that the age comes one ".

"... I want to be loved unrequited, passionately and immediately."

"I advise you to live without haste, to swim with light clouds and at the end to spill a little rain."

As always - in the very soul!

For everyone there is a favorite quote! Wisdom, which you want to "try on" for yourself.

His creative fervor can only be sincerely envied! Yes, and it is understandable, because there is so much fertile material for new jokes!