11 December 2017  19:00 ₴ 100-550
National Academic Drama Theater named after. Ivan Franko



Oscar and the pink lady

The epistolary novel of the modern French classic Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt ("Oscar and the Pink Lady"), famous all over the world, about a sick child who writes letters to God for the salvation of the soul, at one time tore the hearts of the West. Dozens of performances in Europe, Canada and America, films on all continents. This same eternal history is re-read in Ukraine - with an emphasis on our collisions, on our real children.

The play "Oscar and the Pink Lady" with Irma Vitovskaya in the title role and the music of "The Ocean of Elsa" is a story of an incurably sick boy who writes letters to God. The setting is charitable. The creators of the play tend to draw attention to palliative care for patients, which doctors are no longer able to save.
Schmitt's text here is adapted not in a mono-version and in a non-duet version (as in some high-profile productions in the West and in Russia). Here, at us, practically each page of Eric-Emmanuel spread on different voices. Visualize the unique animation of Andrei Yarmolenko, touch the soul with the songs of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and revive almost everyone, even a secondary image.
The Pink Lady (born of the fantasy of Schmitt) is an intermediary between God and Man. The lady, seeing the torment of the boy, offers him an exciting game: let him not be saved, but in the continuation of life. Every day write letters to God. Oscar received only 10 letters.

He - a ten-year-old sparrow - loses his life, filling the universal and personal loss - faith, a dream, a message to the Lord. And to him, poor, it does not hurt so much anymore. Not this way…

Surprising for the acuteness of the spectacle. The sold out in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov - and at all performances the open faces and tears of the spectators, who are reborn together with the little Oscar and gain the power of life.