Mikhail Zhvanetsky

Humorist from God Zhvanetsky Mikhail Mikhaylovich was born in 1934. Surely the talent to make people laugh was passed to him from the place where he was born - Odessa. The capital of humor has taught him to joke with the inherent cynicism, so he often satirizes the depravity of people and society. Watching his performances, we can not believe that this is an 80-year-old grandfather. In his own years, many people are willing to invite Mikhail Zhvanetsky, since he still manages to delight his intelligent audience with a sparkling sense of humor.

Each concert impresses with the level of frankness and trust of listeners. Mikhail Zhvanetsky has an original manner to conduct his concerts - patter, which allows the viewer to think actively. This feature of conversation from the stage is just a stage method, not a personal feature of his everyday communication. Any satirical miniatures Zhvanetsky impregnated with a kind of allegory and is perfectly emphasized by the originality of the material. At his speeches, the audience laughs at himself. He, the real virtuoso of the word, knows how to convey to a person with an indirect text that he is a "fool" and in such a way that he understands this, agrees with this, but he will not have any reason to be angry or offended, and even on the contrary he will laugh heartily as the answer to a joke. That's why many fans of sarcasmic humor want to invite Mikhail Zhvanetsky or a holiday.








The birthday of the group «Lyube» can be considered as January 14, 1989 - on this memorable day at the studio «Zvuk» was recorded the first songs of the group Lyubertsy and Batko Makhno. At the same time «Lyube» began to work on the debut album «Atas», which has 14 songs. The creators were Igor Matvienko and Nikolay Rastorguev. In basis of creativity was laid the best soviet traditions of song culture, with modern at that time arranging decisions. Folk tunes, unfolded parties of male choirs during the choruses, quotations of classical works were used. In the early 90's almost every city of USSR wanted to invite «Lyube», and after its collapse CD and audiocassette «Atas» (debut album) was released. A special jury prize in Cannes for the clip for the song "Do not fool around, America" from the second album of the band can be called as special success. During the first three years of life, the group had given about 800 concerts, which have gathered more than three million people.

The next stage in creativity of group was the work on the film «Lyube zone» from the director Dmitry Zolotukhin. The album, which was laid in the movie scenario, was created about two years ago. Scenario was based on seven new songs written as finished musical novels.

Over the years, the popularity of the group has not weakened. This is due to the successful combination of brutality of the singer Nikolay Rastorguev and his songs, performed in the format of military themes. Until now, many event organizers want to invite «Lyube».







Mashina Vremeni

«Mashina Vremeni» - a unique group that combines classic rock, rock'n'roll, blues and elements of bardic music. The group was established in May 27, 1969, together with Andrei Makarevich and Sergey Kavagoe. Although initially it all started on a school bench in school number 19 in the city of Moscow, and the group was called «The Kids». The repertoire consisted of English-language compositions.

But a landmark event for schoolchildren was the acquaintance with Alexander Sikorsky in 1969, who wanted to invite the «Mashina Vremeni» to play on the VIA «Atlanty» equipment and played up to them on the then-not-familiar bass guitar. Then the first line-up of the band was called «Mashiny Vremeni» by analogy with «The Beatles», «The Rolling Stones» and other western giants.

In 1973 the name had to be changed due to public pressure on the «Mashina Vremeni». Throughout 1978 experiments with sound were observed. In the late 1970s, the group was assigned by «curator» from the cultural department to control their concert activity, which made it difficult for clandestine activities.

Between 1981 and 1986, the existence of the band was ambiguous, even ambivalent: they perform and record music. But at the same time, there was not a single official concert in Moscow. The 90s became iconic - awards, recognition, release of 7 albums, and the 2000s - tours, regular participants of the rock festival «Krylia», in 2010 - participants of the «Nashestvie» and «Rock nad Volgoi». Invite «Time Machine» to the concert today is expensive, however, who appreciate the real art, collect enough people.







Mikhail Shufutinsky

Talented composer, pianist and singer Mikhail Zakharovich Shufutinsky was born in 1948. This favorite of the soviet stage has two degrees: accordionist and conductor-chorus. When he studied at the music school named after Ippolitov-Ivanov, in parallel with him studied Alla Pugacheva.

Mikhail Shufutinsky partially built his career in the US, where he have gone for the first time in 1981. There he often performed in restaurants, created and named after one of them the band "Ataman Band". Later, when the artist gained popularity, Mikhail Shufutinsky was invited to «Arbat» - famous Russian restaurant in Los Angeles. It was that he got popularity without expecting it by himself.

Artist has performed in Russia since 1990, and has been living in his homeland since 2003. In 2013, he was awarded with the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, although he performed in Russia after gaining fame. In 1997, he received a prize «For the most doubtful achievements in the field of show business» in the category «For a specific contribution to art» and the premium «Silver galosh». Speaking in the genre of chanson, Mikhail Shufutinsky every year becomes a participant of the National Chanson Award of the Year. The artist has about 20 collections, 30 discs, and in 1984 Mikhail Shufutinsky was invited to take part in the film «Moscow in the Hudson".







Oleg Mityaev

Known to all Oleg Mityaev was born on February 19, 1956 in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Oleg studied at a technical specialty in the Chelyabinsk technical school, after which he served in the Navy. In his achievements, in addition to music, you can add a category for swimming. In this sport, Oleg received the title of Master of Sports Candidate and taught in 1981. The talent of the great performer and composer originated in 1985, when Chelyabinsk philharmonic wanted to invite Oleg Mityaev to study for the role of an artist. Since then, he studied at the Russian University of Theatre Arts as much as 1991. It is worth noting his diligence in teaching, which became his visiting card in the world of music, helped him to reach the level of the star of the CIS countries.

Oleg Grigorievich Mityaev started writing songs as a student at the Institute of Physical Culture in 1978. He was so talented that he was invited to appear in the film. On his initiative, in 2000, a charitable foundation was founded that supports cultural and educational projects, and in 2012 the Association «All true is for children».

In addition to national recognition, he earned the national award "Ovation", became a laureate of the prize of the Russian Poetry "Victims", received the Tsarskoye Selo Arts Award, was awarded the "Golden Ostap" prize.






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